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Josh Corman and Jericho Discuss Building a Better Anonymous

August 01, 2012

Josh Corman and's Jericho took some time out at BSidesLV to discuss their article series titled "Building a Better Anonymous" which examined the rogue movement's pros and cons, successes and failure, the group's caricature in the media, and the movement's future...

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BSidesSF: Josh Shaul on Security and Hacktivism

March 01, 2012

Josh Shaul, CTO for Application Security, Inc., took a few minutes out of his schedule at the BSides San Francisco event to discuss security issues and the mounting threats posed by hacktivist activities...

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Boston Police Offer Levity in Wake of Anonymous Hack

February 09, 2012

The Boston Police Department's Media Relation arm has produced a somewhat whimsical video response to the attack of their official website that occurred late last week. The department's website had been hacked and defaced by sympathizers of the rogue movement Anonymous...

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Video: Anonymous Claims Hack of FBI Conference Call

February 03, 2012

"The conversation covers tracking of Anonymous and other splinter groups, dates of planned arrests and details of evidence held by police. Anonymous also published an email from the FBI, showing the email addresses of call participants. The FBI confirmed the intercept..."

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