LIGHTS: Addressing Cybersecurity for Smaller Facilities

Thursday, April 26, 2012

On April 24th, 2012 the non-profit LIGHTS program was officially launched with this presentation and roundtable discussion:


The LIGHTS program is chartered to: “…strengthen operational security awareness deployed at asset owners within critical infrastructure by establishing methods for the timely exchange of relevant information between asset owners, managed security service providers, and tactical analysis centers providing wide area correlation and analysis.”

The session was moderated by Anthony M. Freed, Managing Editor at Infosec Island.

LIGHTS co-founder and Advisory Board Chair Chris Blask opens the session with an overview of the challenges the program is designed to address - a common cybersecurity capabilities model for facilities, and appropriate participation in information sharing structures - and how the program helps industrial facilities with these.

During the roundtable session Mr. Blask is joined by Energysec's Technical Vice President Steve Parker, SCADAHacker Joel Langill, American Waterworks Association (AWWA) cybersecurity lead Kevin Morley and AWWA emergency management chair Gary Sturdavan in discussion and Q&A with attendees.

LIGHTS is a non-profit program with a goal of improving deployed cybersecurity at the large number of smaller industrial facilities.

Most industrial facilities are challenged to address cybersecurity in their operational environments. Electric Cooperatives and Municipals, Water Supply and Treatment facilities, urban Traffic Management systems,

Manufacturers and most other organizations often cannot independently achieve security appropriate to defend against current threats. LIGHTS provides a community-based and programmatic solution for these member facilities which fits their budgetary and operational models.

The name “LIGHTS” reflects the program’s goal of providing visibility into cybersecurity both at the facility as well as national level. LIGHTS promotes technology that member facilities can apply today to improve their cybersecurity posture through increased visibility and control.

LIGHTS also works with analysis centers to improve national situational awareness and bring that value to its membership. LIGHTS members can choose to share anonymized metadata with some or all of these public and private analysis centers – at the member’s discretion – to assist in efforts to increase the safety and reliability of our national infrastructure.


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