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Why Stuxnet Was Developed by the Israelis

October 14, 2010 Added by:Danny Lieberman

The rapid proliferation of Stuxnet into India, Pakistan and Indonesia is indeed an act of purposeful intelligence gathering – following the trail of removable devices and network connectivity used by people from countries collaborating with the Iranian nuclear weapons program...

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Has The Threat of Cyberwar Been Grossly Exaggerated?

October 08, 2010 Added by:Danny Lieberman

While the DHS, NSA, FBI, CIA would have difficulty producing a single example of a real person being murdered by a piece of targeted malware – any Israeli you meet – including yours truly, has close friends or family who were killed by real wars and real terrorist...

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Stuxnet, Aurora: Why AVs Fail and Why We Need Them

October 05, 2010 Added by:Pascal Longpre

Operation Aurora, which attacked Google and other Fortune 1000's last year, and the recent Stuxnet worm targeting SCADA systems - nuclear and energy power plants, are here to remind us of the failure of traditional antiviruses to protect systems against targeted high level attacks...

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Super Nuclear Worm Invades Kazakhstan

October 03, 2010 from: AEON Security Blog

When I first heard about Stuxnet, it made me shrug my shoulders just as much as I shrugged when hearing about Aurora – the “(un)Advanced Persistent Threat.” Outside from all the hype, the entire concept of “Stuxnet” being a “highly weaponized targeted” threat is way out of tune with reality. From everything I have read so far, everyone seems to be repeating what everyone else is repe...

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Stuxnet Worm Reveals Default Password Vulnerabilities

September 27, 2010 Added by:Jamie Adams

NATO spokesman James Appathurai denied that the computers were regularly compromised. However, I didn't hear him dispute the fact that the systems were missing many of the basic security patches. So, is it just a matter of time? Or have the systems already been comprised but NATO is unaware?

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