Algerian Hackers Target Israeli Teddy Bear Picnic

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Dan Dieterle


In one of the funniest cases of website mis-identification to date, recent visitors to the Belvoir Castle website unexpectedly found a black page displaying the Algerian flag and the following Arabic text:

"The cause of this hack is Israel's presence. Internet law does not protect the ignorant. Thank you to all the pirates of Algeria."

So what was the occupants of Belvoir Castle doing that drew the Algerian hackers attention?

Well... They were having a teddy bear picnic!

And these weren't you average, run of the mill Israeli Commando teddys either. They were just your regular, everyday, plush, fluffy, adorable little teddy bears.

Belvoir Castle, the former home of the Dukes of Rutland, is a beautiful castle in the Leicestershire countryside. It is now open to the public and they have weddings, costumed guided tours and apparently, clandestine Israeli Teddy Bear briefings.

Though some say that the Algerians had mistaken Belvoir Castle with Belvoir Fortress, the former crusader castle in Israel, I am not so sure. One look at those coal black teddy bear eyes and you just know that they are highly trained warriors. But if they are right, the Algerian hackers were off target by, oh about 2000 miles...

Pretty funny stuff.

In other news, Iran mysteriously adds all Teddy Bears to their "No Fly list".

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