Compliance Capabilities: Audit Achievement through Access Management

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Dean Wiech


Compliance and meeting government audits are requirements for virtually every organization, but compliance also can have a direct, positive impact on the health of an organization. Depending on the organization’s industry, there are different rules and regulations that they need to follow. Meeting audit compliance can be a difficult task and can require a great deal of time and effort. There are ways, though, to make the process much easier, while also benefiting the long-term growth and health of your organization.

How IAM helps audits and compliance

Identity and access governance technology helps organizations easily meet audit requirements while benefiting the organization in other ways. One of the main requirements of audits is showing that secure data, such as financial statements and customer information, is kept safe. Identity and access governance can help organizations ensure correct access so when an audit occurs, they have all the information needed in one place and can provide it as required.

In the day-to-day activity of employees joining or leaving the organization, it is easy to lose track of who has access to what. An automated account management solution with role-based access control allows a manager to oversee and document exactly who has access to what, and any changes they are making in the systems. Monitoring this activity allows access rights and changes in secure applications to be continually documented for audits in an organized manner. This means leadership can generate views of each user’s activity on demand. The access governance solution automatically logs which employee performs a particular management activity, as well as the time it occurred. If needed, management can follow up on these changes, which is extremely useful for audits.

Long-term organizational health

Identity and access governance solutions also help organizations show the return on investment that such a solution provides. This technology doesn’t just help with audit needs, but can be used to help in many other areas of the organization and promote long-term health of the company and its network.

Thus, the technology helps improve the security of a network; by ensuring the compliance and audit needs with an access governance solution, the organization is putting additional methods in place to keep its network safe. Automated account management solutions allow any change to a user account to be made easily and quickly, and is synched to all connected systems. When an employee is no longer with the organization their account can be disabled quickly, and the organization can ensure that no disgruntled former employees can do damage to the network or access sensitive information.

Also, there’s no network pollution. Leaders can see how many accounts they manage that are without the pollution of inactive accounts or people who are no longer with the organization. This ensures that the network is clean and contains only active accounts. Overviews of the network that can be generated from access governance solutions allow management to see how many people are using each application for licensing reasons. This allows them to easily make decisions on systems and applications that should be renewed based on usage, quickly run queries and have a clear understanding of all people in the network.  

Finally, through the use of access governance technology business leaders are able to ensure that employees are productive. Access rights are very important in the corporate world to ensure that employees can complete a job or project they are working on and with an IAM solution in place, employees can be granted access rights quickly, but securely, to the resources that they need. This ensures that they can be up and running on their first day of employment, as well throughout their employment when they need additional access rights to systems.

Overall, audits can be a huge headache for organizations and their leaders, but identity and access governance technology can reduce the audit scramble while also providing many additional benefits to the organization to promote long-term growth and health of the company.

About the author: Dean Wiech is the managing director of Tools4ever US, a global provider of identity and access governance solutions. 

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