Call For Papers: New York Suits and Spooks Jun 20-21, 2014

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Jeffrey Carr



Dream Downtown Hotel Meatpacking District NYC

Suits and Spooks New York is coming up in two months and you now have an opportunity to submit a proposal for a talk or a panel. Talks should be non-technical for an audience that consists of everyone from research scientists to SOF.

Current speakers include:

  • Nate Fick, CEO - Endgame Systems
  • Phil Rosenberg, Director - Deloitte Financial Services
  • Edward V. Marshall, VP - Credit Suisse
  • Brian Valenza - President, The Guidry Group
  • Christopher Ahlberg - Founder, RecordedFuture

Suits and Spooks New York will mark the first SecurityWeek-branded two day event. Past topics can be viewed for Monterey if you need some inspiration. We also have video series for New York 2013 and Washington DC 2014 available for sale by O'Reilly Media.
The venue or this event is the 
Dream Downtown hotel in the Meatpacking district. It was our host hotel for last year's Suits and Spooks held at Soho House and it's spectacular; especially in the evening when its rooftop lounge (PH-D) is open.

Submit your proposal for a talk or panel 
here. For sponsorship information, please contact SecurityWeek.

Early bird registration will open on Monday, April 28, at the 
Suits and Spooks website.

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