Evidence of Compromise: Metasploit's PSEXEC

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Rob Fuller


I was messing with the Windows service binaries in Metasploit and I noticed something unique I hadn't noticed before.

For the PSEXEC module, the service name (actually just the display name, 'service name' is random) always started with an uppercase 'M'.

Screen Shot 2012 06 25 at 2 05 40 PM

Curious to why that was I looked and found Line 246 of the PSEXEC module to be the culprit:

Screen Shot 2012 06 25 at 2 07 01 PM

I can guess why the M is there. Might be just a quirk with old Windows versions that didn't allow lowercase service names, not sure. Lets change it a bit. Looking around my XP VM I found the perfect one to emulate ;-)

Screen Shot 2012 06 25 at 2 12 07 PM

So, quick edit to make it say display name = 'Service Events Notification' (added the (s) because services can't have the same display name) and WA LA!

Screen Shot 2012 06 25 at 2 12 19 PM

A less visually detectable psexec run. However, how often do you look at your Event logs?

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