Oh No, UN Control!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Jayson Wylie


I recently posted a blog about the possibility of having a global governing body oversee, regulate, and pursue lawfulness on the web.  

In my darkest nightmares, I would never have seen the United Nations being able to fix any of the problems and critical issues facing technology and the global Internet today.

First, we are talking about the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), which is described as a little known sub function of the UN. 

They handle logistical efforts like divvying out bands of radio frequency and give new satellites safe orbits. If all they were meant to do were to provide allocations of IP addressing that is currently handled by IANA, then I’d say they are able to function in the role, but we already have that covered.

The problem I see is that we have a bunch of ‘Bad Actors’ pursuing this avenue to undermine the United States' plan for a global internet presence and freedom of information and replace it with their own agenda of propaganda, isolationism and censorship of their populace - in what I would imagine gains control over the minds of their people.

There is not a logical course of events here, with the exception of the political game being played to turn the course of events to favor the aggressive states in the regions of their control.

This is all fine until you get to the basics of the ITU’s ability to function in their desired role and the political games that are going on behind close doors.

ITU functions on the physical layers of the OSI model. They are mainly electrical engineers focused on the ‘Connectivity of the World’. 

The fact that the Internet and its complexity far exceeds the ITU’s ability to fix any of the problems, especially if they are caused by the exact nations trying to power grab control into their own plans through this maneuver.

If this goes through, I see a segmentation of the Internet to regions authoritatively controlled by the governments who wish to mold the Internet to their own liking and divide the communications avenues, versus providing connectivity to world as in the ITU’s mantra.

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