User Education - A Light Hearted Anicdote

Friday, December 11, 2009

John England


I had just been reading the post on Reacting to Security Vulnerabilities, and was reading the good usage guide at the bottom, and it made me think of something and chuckle. My partner has a 17 year old daugher, who is typical in running MSN/facebook, torrent clients, and generally no consideration for the type of sites she clicks on.

I have countless time rebuilt the laptop due to malware and various other bugs getting the better, of what is really quire a good HP laptop, which is not even 18 months old.

I've educated her on having torrent clients, updating AVG when the icon was grey, thinking about some of the sites they visit, that might have spyware etc, and also setting up a backup routine for her, all she had to do was leave her laptop on, monday nights at 7pm (just as they've loaded the pictures from the weekend before up).

Well, needless to say teenagers know best, and when I heard screaming and swearing the other day, I found out she'd knackered it again, and lost all of her pictures, without having done the backups, as you can imagine we were in tears of laughter.........she was in tears, I was in laughter! 

Wishing everyone a festive and secure christmas!

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