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Monday, October 10, 2011

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Due to the rapid escalation of threats affecting wireless operations, TakeDownCon Las Vegas  - December 2-7, 2011 - now brings you a highly technical platform which addresses highly technical knowledge which focuses on securing your channels, your data, and ultimately and most importantly – your very own privacy.

Reputable IT giants have turned their attention to mass production of pocket computers, otherwise known as ‘smart phones’ in today’s generation. These efforts then, has led to high alert in regards to (lack of) security and its impact from a corporate and personal perspective.

From corporate perspective, the rise in security measures are unaccounted for due to information security requirements with potentially billions of dollars at stake due to potential theft/hacking risks involved in the ‘Bad New World’ of IT. War is at hand with a number of organizations already fallen victims to online theft and data centers being heavily corrupted.

TakeDownCon has raised the bar, and set the standards of what a true technical IT security conference is supposed to be. It aspires to be the ideal platform for information security professionals to congregate to learn, network and share their knowledge.

Ten FACTS about TakeDownCon Las Vegas

#1: First in Mobile & Wireless Security

Be among the first to be part of TakeDownCons’ first Mobile/Wireless conference. TakeDownCon will strictly adhere to the preferred no-frills learning and sharing platform for the concerned IT security professionals in the mobile/wireless arena.

#2: Second of the TakeDownCon Series

TakeDownCon Vegas features a newly designed format of in depth content and analysis (20 sessions over 2 days) with an ideal compromise of coverage and content in regards to all you need to know about mobile/wireless security in current and future spectrums.

#3: Detailed and Interactive Session Content

TakeDownCon Vegas will feature a highly focused approach on the topic at hand, with the intricacies of underground hacking connected to mobile/wireless infrastructure – how to spot the weak links in the technology and reinforcing your defense in a secure manner.

#4: Excellent speakers line-up

This event will feature IT security experts who are shortlisted for the best case studies in demonstrating cutting edge technicalities of ‘underground’ wireless and mobile hacking.

#5: Polish your CV with ECE/CPE credits

Continuing quality education is essential for all professionals to maintain standards. Participate in TakeDownCon Vegas trainings to keep your certification status up to date. Earn up to 9 credits a day.

#6: A designated Mobile/Wireless platform for extensive intangible information exchange

Expand and empower your own information security knowledge by embarking on quality training. TakeDownCon Vegas offers a suite of certification and technical training that will suit your requirements.

#7: Your chance to meet fellow Mobile & Wireless Hackers

Presents the opportunity to network with the best subject matter experts in person and exchange your experiences. You can only gain valuable insights from networking by sharing information with your peers and other professionals.

#8: Dedicated Mobile/Wireless Training

Attendees of this training will benefit from a detailed analysis on what threats are out there today, the security infrastructure available at hand, and how to develop this infrastructure in order to benefit from a strengthened operation – a feat yet to be accomplished by various high profile organizations today.

#9: Original courseware and training materials at hand

All TakeDownCon training attendees will receive the necessary courseware and equipment required for the trainings chosen by the attendees.

#10: Win an iPad2 and more

There will be an IPad2 to be won each day, and lots of other attractive giveaways, during the end-of-day raffle draws. 



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