CERT Malaysia Releases DNSwatch Tool

Tuesday, August 30, 2011



CERT Malaysia has announced the release of a free tool called DNSwatch where Internet surfers can check any website address before visiting it to scan for malicious code.

"Basically the checks are performed while you’re browsing the internet, clicking a link in an email, or running a program 'under the hood' trying to communicate with servers for information or updates," the website states.

"DNSwatch will help you avoid known bad websites or sites that will trick your computer into downloading and installing malicious programs on your computer. Even better, DNSwatch will also prevent you from accessing malicious websites that you may not even know your computer is trying to access. Additionally, it also prevents nasty programs from “phoning home” and secretly communicating between your computer and cybercriminals."


To use the tool, you just need to point your DNS to, then type a web address (or URL) in your browser, and it will then send it to the MyCERT DNSwatch.

"DNSwatch looks it up in a table, checks it against the list of bad websites, and if it passes, sends back the numeric IP address so your browser knows where to go to get the web page. All this process is performed in milliseconds and will not affect your browsing speed," the website explains.

If DNSwatch finds that the URL is associated with cyber crime malware, or other traps, it will redirect the user to the DNSwatch landing page instead of the website in question.

If the site checks out as clean, the user will continue on to the desired page. The service is designed to not slow down the surfing experience, while providing a little piece of mind.

Source:  http://www.mycert.org.my/en/resources/security_tools/main/main/detail/827/index.html

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