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Monday, August 08, 2011

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Receive up to a $500 discount on the Cybersecurity Foundations course offered by Global Knowledge through the ISLAND TRADEWINDS program - Investigate cybersecurity threats and master techniques needed to protect your network. Contact Lance Miller ( to receive your discount.

When you consider just a few of the consequences of a security breach - your proprietary information completely accessible, hefty fines for security lapses, news headlines about your company's security breach, it becomes obvious: An in-depth and thorough understanding of cyber security fundamentals and best practices is absolutely necessary.

In this cybersecurity course, you will gain a global perspective of the challenges of designing a secure system, touching on all the cyber roles needed to provide a cohesive security solution.

Through lecture, labs, and breakout discussion groups, you will learn about current threat trends across the Internet and their impact on organizational security. You will review standard cybersecurity terminology and compliance requirements, examine sample exploits, and gain hands-on experience mitigating controls.

In a contained lab environment, you will work with live viruses, including botnets, worms, and Trojans. In addition to technical cybersecurity components, you will learn and explore the non-technical aspects of cybersecurity necessary to mitigate risk and lessen exposure, including risk management, threat determination, disaster recovery, security policy management, and business continuity planning. This course provides an excellent foundation for those proceeding to CISSP, CEH, CISA, or CISM training.

What You'll Learn

• Current cyber threats and cybersecurity site references
• Government-mandated directives and compliance requirements
• Cyber roles required to successfully design secure systems
• The attack cycle perpetrated by malicious hackers
• Enterprise policy requirements
• Best strategies for securing the enterprise with layered defenses
• How security zones and detailed logging augment information assurance
• Forensic challenges and incident response planning
• Risk management process
• Goals achievable with auditing, scanning, and testing systems
• Industry recommendations for maintaining secure access control
• Standards-based cryptographic solutions for securing communications

Refer to the Course Catalogs for the respective vendors listed below to make your training selections, then contact Lance Miller ( to receive your discount.


The ISLAND TRADEWINDS program is designed to offer security training and certification opportunities at significantly discounted rates.

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Receive up to a $500 discount on any course offered by Global Knowledge. Global Knowledge is the worldwide leader in IT and business skills training. We deliver via training centers, private facilities, and the Internet, enabling our customers to choose when, where, and how they want to receive training programs and learning services. Courses offered include Avaya, Cisco, Microsoft, Red Hat, Networking, VMware, Security, Storage, VoIP, Wireless, and ITIL®. Our curriculum supports various certifications including, CBAP, CCNA, CCNP, CISSP, ITIL, MCSE, MCITP, MSCA, Network+ and PMP. Global Knowledge Course Catalog

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Infosec Island is seeking opportunities to provide valuable training and certification opportunities to our membership.

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