Faux Security: BlackBerg Security and Shades of Project Viglio

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Infosec Island Admin


Faux Security: @JosephKBlack, @ElyssaD, BlackBerg Security, and Shades of Project Viglio

BlackBerg & ElyssaD:

A while back, I ran across ElyssaD and her whacky site which was scraping my content from Infosec Island. I later read Jaded Security’s post filling in the gaps that I had given up on in my searches on her digital rats warren of sites and chalked it up to idiots at play.

However, since then, she has failed to remove my content from her sites, her ersatz ‘employer’ Joe Black, has called me out as a supporter of Anonymous and LulzSec, and still, my content is on her frantically moronic sites.


So, the gloves come off.

I began to look around at her sites again to see what was being taken and scraped when I  began to not only see more of her erratic behaviour, but a pattern of baiting for attention not only on her part, but that of Joe Black.

So much so in fact, that I have to really wonder if Elyssa is not just an identity scrape of a real person as opposed to actually being online herself and posting all this claptrap.

After all, what was it that LIGATT and Aaron Barr were trying to do but create many sock puppet identities to control and use to sway opinion in PSYOPS fashion. So the questions for me now are these:

  • Is Joe Black just an insanely inept buffoon with some alleged connections to the defence base?
  • Is ElyssaD just a cutout for Joe to weave his insanity online for... Well whatever purposes he has in mind?
  • Is all of this just the personal lulz machine for whoever Joe may really be and is having a laugh?
  • Are they both just insane and useless wankers?

After picking through their digital trails, I still cannot say for sure what their goal is or just how real they both are. I am told that Joe is a real person and that some in my circle know of him.

Personally, I had never heard of him until he started tweeting craziness on Twitter and came up with his craptastic site. Over time though, he just progressively got crazier and crazier with comments and challenges to the likes of LulzSec, who then allegedly hacked him and showed just how poor his site security was.

Of course now there are allegations that Lulz did nothing that that he (Joe) had hacked/defaced his page himself to garner attention (as seen below):


After his site went down this last weekend, we all thought perhaps he had been hit by another Anon attack of some sort, but then he popped up again yesterday, claiming fantastically, that he is the new Nietzsche of information security!

Which is ironic, because Nietzsche went insane at the end of his life due to Tertiary Syphilis, which I think Joe has a head start on now. Then again, if you really know who Nietzsche was, and did, perhaps this is another nod to irony and a play on the ideas of putting crazy out to the world to see what happens.

Frankly though, from his tweets and writings, I think it is the former and not the latter. Joe is just an attention seeking fool and Elyssa, well, if Elyssa is truly the one posting on the Internet, hon, you need some mental health dollars spent on you STAT!

So, on to the LIGATT worthy baloney shall we? I will present it in short montages, somewhat like the montage scene in Team America. Mostly because I am listening to the soundtrack now and YOU are, well, you are a farce just like the film.

Joe.. Joe Black… CIA…:


Seriously Joe... If YOU are a NOC, then I am the King of Prussia. What the Hell are you saying? I mean, this right here just screams that you are either out of your head or just a clown.

If you are at all serious about this alleged business of yours and its ties to the military and government, then they, if they are indeed connected with you at all, should quickly pull out.

Then there’s this little ditty:


Holy WTF? Really? C’mon man! Who is going to buy this stuff other than Elyssa? (to the tune of Freedom Ain’t Free.. It costs a BUCK OH FIVE!)

And then there is this other missive:


Huh? Wha? Elyssa, take your MEDS! With employees like this, Joe is gonna have to have one HELL of a insurance plan! Elyssa, I am sure the Feds took you up on your offer and will give you FULL immunity *snort* (to the tune of North Korean Melody.. So Ronery)

AND then there is my favorite!


SO! That’s how it works within the intelligence and hacking communities! I had NO IDEA! Really, Elyssa, if indeed you are real and this tweet wasn’t just some elaborate insane joke.

YOU are not a hacker and it does not happen by “association” you morons. No more so than any of your degree’s (if real) make you an INTEL analyst or a Black OP specialist. (to the tune of Team America March.. just because it came on.. Can you smell the gravitas?)

Speaking of gravitas, if indeed Joe and Co. are real, that is what they are trying, and failing to convey to the would be clients that the site alleges to want. Therein, you have LIGATT-ed quite well Joey.

Board of Advisors:

Now, in another more interesting vein, Joe has added a board of directors to his site. Of course I had to look once Praetorian had pointed it out asking; “Who the hell are these people?”

So, I put on the waders and got the gloves on to go looking. What I found kinda makes me wonder what the hell is going on yet again. So, lets have a look at these people shall we?

Fernando Patzan:


Alright, so Fernando was pretty easy to find. I mean how many Fernando’s are there in infosec who have government ties? Yeah, so Fernando, my first question is this; “Do you really represent in any way Joe Black and his particular brand of crazy?”

Because if you don’t then this guy is dragging your reputation down with his easy use of your name as an advisor. Honestly, if half the stuff that Joe has done and said was on your advice, well, I should think that your current employers might want to re-think your job status.

Of course I have yet to speak with anyone who really knows you... So you too could be another cutout. However, I have found ancillary data through Google that you do really exist and you did work at GD. So, tell me my man, are you huffing the same glue from the same paper bag under that local underpass with Joe?

Oh, and if you don’t know him... Well dude, you better get on the horn with your lawyer…

Patricia Ellington:


Oh Patty, Patty, Patty, your creds are kinda... Well ‘meh’ aren’t they? You also have connections to me like Fernando now that the LinkedIn is working right. So, why have I never heard of you?

Well, I suppose that that is a bad question. So I will go back to the credibility issue and your connection to Joey here. Do you know Joe? Is Joe taking YOUR advice too in posting his whack ass diatribes about being in the CIA and allegedly outing Team Poison?

You too might want to call your lawyer…

John Berry:

John... Well... John is a blank slate to me. Of course his name is pretty common and bland, but I could locate no one with that name within the infosec community nor by using the super special word “CYBER” that all of the morons are using as a catch phrase today.

So he is a ghost... OOOOH maybe he is a super spy like Jason Bourne! I bet Joe knows you through his adventures in Thailand chasing heroin smugglers!


Justin Johnson:


Justin.. Well Justin was a bit of a puzzle. The only one who came up with network cred was this one. Are you an advisor to Joey? Once again, I say you should get a lawyer if you don’t already have one because this guy may be trading on your good name and credibility (VERY Ligattworthy!).

Justin, if you do in fact know Joey and you are working with him let me know... I have more questions like; HUH? Why?

Kevin G. Coleman:


Lastly, and most interestingly, we have Kevin. Oh Kevin, I liminally have heard of you before and I cannot believe that you would have anything to do with Joey, but, then again, maybe you like the glue huff now and again? Do you really advise Joe to do the crazy stuff he has been up to? Do you really approve of, or even know about this Elyssa character?

Dude, you are the most credible of the group and now you have this stink upon you!

If you know him and are working with him, best sever those ties now sir… EVEN if you are SEMI retired! This Joey character is only going to lead you down the path to smelling like a dog after a skunk attack while standing in the crap factory while it exploded due to a SCADA hack.

Please.. Someone tell these people their names are on this fool’s site!


Ok, so in the end, as “I’m So Ronery” plays on the headphones I end this psychic barf of a post. Joe, Elyssa... Time for your meds! And as always “Remember to fade away in a montage”...


Cross-posted from Krypt3ia

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Jamie Adams Oh, I really needed that laugh this afternoon. Just made my day. Classic.
Tom Coats maybe they are trawling for wannabe terrorists..., nah they are just crazy.
cliff sull Thats amazing - I just searched for references and find I am all over her blog too... http://information4sale.blogspot.com/search?q=cliffsull


Time to place an order with Jaded Sec for one of their T-Shirts ;)
Jamie Adams Lance -- YES SIR!

The more I read about the shenanigans of these charlatans, plagiarists, insane, and "snake oil salesmen" the more cynical and untrustworthy of strangers I become.

Nonetheless, it is always good for a laugh!!

When I was in the service, one my unit's motto was "In God We Trust, All Others We Monitor."

I stole the phrase "snake oil salesmen" from another Infosec Island reader's comment -- which I find hilarious.
Jamie Adams Cliff.. Amazing. I don't see ANY reference to your name in there. I must be blind. Lance, is there anything Infosec Island can do?
Jamie Adams Sure enough... those crazy people has scraped even my stuff from Infosec Island...

I don't want to be associated with those whack jobs either.
cliff sull Apparently - @ Jamie - I am the one who has 'made a plugin' ? I am the @cliffsull she keeps mentioning.

Oh ... did you know ( I didn't)I , apparently, host elyssadurant.com and powersthatbeat.com (her sites) from here in the UK ?

Jamie Adams What is really, really insulting to me is the domain name: "information4sale"

I am at a loss for words -- which seldom happens.
Krypt3ia Wow, glad to have lifted the log for all of you to see the bugs scurry.
Krypt3ia It all gets better though.. More info may be coming soon on these wankers.
Jamie Adams Thanks Krypt3ia...
Jamie Adams My ideas, research, & hard work are like children to me. Taking them from me and claiming them as your own is morally reprehensible. These things should be shared and nurtured in a community for the better of the community. It is appalling to me that individuals would drink from the fountain of knowledge but not refresh it and claim to have never taken a drink. The individuals I know and trust do not collaborate for pure monetary gain but rather the excitement of innovation.
Don Eijndhoven Krypt3ia, I've personally met Kevin Coleman so he's certainly real. Contact me if you want to know more.
Krypt3ia @Don, Oh I know he is real, what I really wonder is if he is actually in collusion with this clown.
Don Eijndhoven Very doubtful. I may not always agree with Kevin's observations or the conclusions he draws from said observations, but I do feel that he is at least serious in his endeavors. He's sharp enough to avoid colluding with someone as toxic as this 'asshat' (with thanks to Attrition ;)).
Krypt3ia @Don Well then hopefully someone tells him and he can engage legal.
Krypt3ia @Lance, yeah Snaggle has a hard on for me. Dig the last post on Jihad. I got TWO comments! He luv's me!
Derrick Buxton Joe Black is at it again. Joe Black, the man who wants to create a private "cyber army" now has a group on linkedin called "United States Private Sector CYBER COMMAND" please, for the love of everything, do not join this group. This is the man who claims to have infiltrated the DoJ and the DoD.
Krypt3ia Derrick, anything else you can add on this guy? Run into him in the past?
Kevin McAleavey @Derrick: I fell for the bait and signed up for it. In my many years, I've met quite a few characters who were several bricks short of a load. This guy is something out of a really bad B movie that missed theatrical distribution and went direct to the discount DVD pile in the supermarket.

He also emailed me wanting my resume. Hahahaha.
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