LIGATT Security Sues Over Leaked Docs Coverage

Monday, February 28, 2011



Steve Ragan of The Tech Herold reports that the highly-litigious and oft scorned "security" firm LIGATT has filed lawsuits against at least eight entities for their coverage of the company's recent data loss event.

LIGATT had suffered an embarrassing hack that resulted in the public release of as many as 80,000 company emails and internal communications nearly a month ago.

The breach event and details revealed in the leaked communiques was covered by several online organizations including LIGATTLeaks and has been highly critical of both LIGATT and the company's principal Gregory Evans, the self-proclaimed "world's greatest hacker" who has been the subject of well documented allegations of plagiarism, among other scathing criticisms.

Of the eight "John Doe" defendants that are the target of the sealed LIGATT suit, only and LIGATTLeaks have apparently been publicly identified.

The Tech Herold quotes the as stating in response to the legal action:

“…it is clear that you have a good idea of who you intended this to reach. As such, your filing of Evans et al v. John Does 1-8 in the Georgia Northern District Court (Case# 1:2011cv00458) does not seem to be a good faith effort. You can clearly provide some form of identifying information about at least one of the eight John Doe defendants."

"To date, neither Mr. Evans, nor any of his current or previous attorneys… have contacted asking for material to be removed. This is a clear lack of good faith effort on the part of Mr. Evans to amicably resolve the matter without involving a court. Even in this [e-mail], you do not clearly identify the material that you believe is being used in an unauthorized manner."

LIGATT CEO Gregory Evans had also recently fired off a heated letter in response to a report by CBS Atlanta that questioned Evan's credibility and self-generated professional reputation. The letter contained unfounded allegations of racism on the part of the news outlet.

The lawsuit and the charges of racial discrimination are tools that have been employed by Evans and his company on numerous occasions, and both Evans and LIGATT have themselves been subject to multiple lawsuits.

Evans has received a great deal of criticism over the past several years ranging from the stated plagiarism allegations to questions about his qualifications, certifications, business practices, and attempts to bolster the penny stock value of several companies he founded.

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