Six Hot New Hacks from Black Hat DC 2011

Tuesday, January 25, 2011



Michael Gregg, COO for Superior Solutions, has assembled his picks for the top six hacks revealed at the Black Hat DC 2011 conference.

Dozens of innovative threats were revealed at the conference in Washington, DC last week, but Gregg describes these particular exploits as being the "six new hacks that will make your CSO cringe."

A summary of Gregg's ensemble are as follows:

  • Fake Phone Networks: It is now possible for hackers to create fake phone networks for AT&T (NYSE:T) and T-Mobile devices. This is a potentially serious new security threat that could impact up to 90% of all cell phone users worldwide...
  • Hacking Your Phone to Hack Your Computer: For the past two years, security experts, including myself, have warned about the looming risks to smartphones. Because these devices are essentially “mini-computers,” they have become an important new attack vector for criminals and professional hackers...
  • Denial of Service Against Your Desktop: Most business professionals know what a denial of service (DoS) attack is, particularly following the Wikileaks “Operation Payback” attacks. A DoS attack overwhelms a Web site with traffic so that no one else can use it. Well, now imagine how this would affect the average business if hackers did the same thing for applications...
  • Cloud-Based Warfare: is already becoming clear that the cloud will be a power not just for good, but also for evil... this same computational power can now also be harnessed by criminals to hack simple password algorithms for such things as Wi-Fi networks, Intranets, e-mail, etc...
  • Breaking Open Your Android Phone: As a further reminder that smartphones aren’t immune to hackers... attackers can exploit holes in a widely used Android application to take control of these smartphones...
  • Stealing Corporate Secrets Through Weak Systems: New risks emerge almost daily and systems that were once secure are regularly undermined by newly discovered backdoors, programming flaws and creative attacks...

For more details about each of these hacks and the brilliant researchers behind them, read Gregg's article at the Fox Small Business Center here:


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