Bandwidth Usage Statistics for Q4 2010

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Simon Heron


At the end of each quarter, we produce statistics on web usage by business Worldwide. 

The statistics come from our partner “Network Box” who works with businesses small and large in countries from China through Europe to the USA. 

It gives us a really good idea of which sites industry worldwide is visiting.

However, there are two types of statistics, the usual one is the number of hits which is a popularity contest: how many times did companies visit a particular site. 

The second type which is rarely reported is the amount of data that is being downloaded. 

So it is likely that Twitter will be visited more often than YouTube but that the amount of data downloaded from YouTube is vastly greater as tweets are so much smaller than video.

We report on both, so here are the results for the top five visited websites:

TOP 20 URLs (by hits)          HITS        SIZE        %HITS

1             889,008,046    9,807.5 GB    5.6%

2      583,453,437    2,947.0 GB    3.7%

3          537,627,517    6,406.6 GB    3.4%

4            450,226,972    7,509.2 GB    2.8%

5          320,535,591    3,194.9 GB    2.0%

Interesting to see that from the summer, Facebook now has top two places, pushing Google into third which is remarkable. 

Otherwise the order is the same as before which is no surprise.  Here are the results for the top five website by the amount actually downloaded:

TOP 20 URLs (by size)              HITS           SIZE          %SIZE

1                60,561,152    37,503.9 GB    13.0%

2                    889,008,046    9,807.5 GB     3.4%

3                    44,896,658    7,921.3 GB     2.8%

4    110,573,514    7,900.9 GB     2.7%

5                  450,226,972    7,509.2 GB     2.6%

Perhaps the biggest surprise here is the position of in the top five and Google is pushed into sixth.

The main issue here is the amount of social networking going on at work.  The question to ask is how much of this is really business related? 

A lot of business time and bandwidth is being taken up by these activities and just like phone use there needs to be some way of deciding what to allow and what not to. 

Additionally, with data leaks being such a concern it is probably time companies create policies to address usage and find ways of enforcing them as these figures suggest this is not being done at the moment.

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