Traitorware Enabled Devices Track Your Every Move

Monday, December 27, 2010



The concept of Big Brother and the use of technology to track you and your actions is no longer just fodder for the conspiracy-minded paranoids of yesteryear, but has become a daily reality for the users of common technology.

Traitorware is software installed in devices we all use on a daily basis that is designed to track our behaviors in great detail, and has now taken surreptitious surveillance to whole new level.

An article by Eva Galperin of the Electronic Frontier Foundation exposes the widespread use of Traitorware and its threat to the notion of privacy.

"Your digital camera may embed metadata into photographs with the camera's serial number or your location. Your printer may be incorporating a secret code on every page it prints which could be used to identify the printer and potentially the person who used it."

"If Apple puts a particularly creepy patent it has recently applied for into use, you can look forward to a day when your iPhone may record your voice, take a picture of your location, record your heartbeat, and send that information back to the mothership."

Galperin notes that the inspiration for much of the traitorware is ostensibly noble, such as enabling law enforcement to track a document used in a crime to a particular printer, or allowing a customer to locate their lost smartphone.

But the trend is gaining momentum, and the pace of traitorware implementation far exceeds the ability of lawmakers and the courts to interpret the legality of the practice and its impact on consumer privacy.

"Traitorware is not some science-fiction vision of the future. It is the present... Apple’s patent application indicates that we are likely to see more traitorware on the horizon."


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