Anonymous Turns Payback Towards The Jester

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Daniel Kennedy


The Jester, a hacktivist who is normally known for short term denial of service attacks against Jihadist web forums and who recently claimed responsibility for an outage at WikiLeaks in the middle of Cablegate (WikiLeaks publication of U.S. diplomatic cables) has himself become the target of the large scale hacktivist protest called Operation Payback.

The Jester, or th3j35t3r as he’s known on Twitter, has ostensibly had the identity of either himself or his close associate revealed as a Montana man who works for the state government named Robin Jackson, who is becoming the target of what could be a good deal of unpleasantness from Anonymous and the 4chan/b/ board at large.

There appear to be two primary reasons Anonymous has turned their attention on this man.

The first is obviously the Jester’s attacks on WikiLeaks, the second more direct reason may be attacks on the Internet Relay Chat (IRC, essentially an Internet chat room) servers that Anonymous is using to coordinate their attacks (they believe that the Twitter account “AnonymousDown” is in fact the same person who is behind “th3j35t3r”)...

This is a portion of an article I originally posted on Praetorian Prefect

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Daniel Kennedy Your entitled to your opinion, I guess, and I'm sorry that this happened to you, I did see it going on at the time:

Being on the wrong end of Anon/4chan is not a pleasant place to be.

But you seem to be conflating what happened to you with reporting of fact. The folks on Anonymous went after Robin Jackson, it is public record, he has acknowledged it on his own blog And we wrote a blog post noting that it happened and why. It is not as if we wrote a blog post uncovering new information, and then it was used to attack Robin Jackson, he was already on AnonOps radar (their discussing it led to us looking into it). We don't state that Robin Jackson is without a doubt this Jester (b/c we don't know), but we do provide the reasons Anonymous members think he is.

So saying "very irresponsible" is itself a little irresponsible, when every piece of information in the blog post was public knowledge beforehand, and all we did was organize it a little differently. I guess you could say we are "dignifying" the story by writing a blog post about it, but frankly, it's our blog.

I don't put too much time into trying to figure out the Jester's primary modus operandi. Honestly I don't think anyone in law enforcement cares to do anything about him so he doesn't have much to worry about, although others have told me I'm wrong on that. If they did care, Robin has stated he "worked with thejester in the past", so if it is not him, he at least knows something about who jester is.
Daniel Kennedy Ah. Well it is clear that the two have had a working relationship at some point (Robin/Jester), and at one point the other day Anonymous members decided Robin was Jester. So the facts stand as they are.

As you say, the full story on PraetorianPrefect is more clear.
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