Hackers Threaten WikiLeaks Detractors - Bank Suspends Account

Monday, December 06, 2010



While some service providers are thinking that it was a mistake to do business with the rogue whistleblowing organization WikiLeaks, they may also want to think twice before cutting ties.

International hacker communities like Anonymous and 4Chan are rallying behind the WikiLeaks cause, and threatening to target business that take actions to stifle public access to the the classified data dumps.

The first casualty was the PayPal blog, which was the subject of a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack after it announced it was suspending the WikiLeaks fund-raising account.

Operation Payback, the pro-piracy movement responsible for several DDoS attacks against groups seeking stricter enforcement of copyright laws claimed responsibility for the PayPal assault, and made clear their intentions to carry out more attacks.

"The reason is amazingly simple. We all believe information should be free, and the Internet should be free,"  said Anonymous member Gregg Housh.

Next on the list may be EveryDNS.net, who revoked the WikiLeaks domain names last week, making the websites inaccessible by using the alphabetical URL's, though the sites remained online using the numerical IP addresses.

Another candidate for the ire is of WikiLeaks sympathizers is the Swiss bank PostFinance, which today suspended Julian Assange's main defense fund bank account.

The rhetoric escalated on forums at hacker havens like 4chan, with some members making death threats against The Jester (th3j35t3r), who last week took credit for downing the WikiLeaks website with a denial of service attack of his own.

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