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Trust but verify...

March 08, 2010 Added by:Jason Remillard

Very interestingly enough, in the past five or six days we have been detecting ad networks including Google Adsense, Adultadwords, and Adbrite allowing malware-laden ads on their networks.  We are not the only ones who have identified this issue, check out the following links for more information about them:

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De-cloaking in Internet Explorer

February 13, 2010 Added by:Fred Williams

I ran across a pretty interesting article on RSnake's blog about using a URL to get users to disclose personal information. I tested this in IE8 and the posting claims it works in IE6 and IE7 as well.  I tested in Firefox with and without NoScripts enabled and it doesn't work.  Yay Firefox!

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Eating your own dog food - how a Security Software company uses Security

February 04, 2010 Added by:Larry Ketchersid

Remember the gentleman in the commercial for Hair Club for men who said “I'm not only the President, but I'm a customer”? While there are days when the hair club tempts me, it is security solutions that my company, Media Sourcery, provides. And, like many of Infosec Island's members, the information, data and documents that we exchange with our customers are proprietary, confidential a...

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Is the Recent Chinese Google Hack the most Serious Privacy Breach of the Year?

January 21, 2010 Added by:Brent Carey

Last week Google announced that it was the victim of a hack in China. Word of the attack spread quickly and the German, French and Australian governments issued warnings about using internet Explorer. I'm amazed that this incident has not received more commentary from the privacy and security communities. Is this not   the most serious data privacy breach in a search engine’s histo...

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Ba5964a1284ac16d4277991e7225699c - Gets Rocked again - this time a PII Lawsuit

January 02, 2010 Added by:Jason Remillard

Well, its happened. This time, the users themselves have taken action against for their inadvertent disclosure of customer information. As we previously reported, Rockyou was hacked and disclosed it looks like over 32,000,000 accounts. Yes, 32 Million!

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So, you wanna network online too?

December 30, 2009 Added by:Fred Williams

I previously listed ways to gain valuable information on hacking targets using little work and no dumpster diving. The previous post was geared towards attacks computer systems but not human targets.What is a little more interesting is attacking specific people. This is one of the key issues behind Facebook' recent privacy issues. Never mind a user setting a "privacy filter" ...

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So, you wanna post some personal data on the Internet?

December 26, 2009 Added by:Fred Williams

I've been reading the book Hacking the Next Generation by Dhanjani, Rios and Hardin and that got me to thinking.... The authors explain in the chapter "Intelligence gathering" that in order to execute a successful attack against a target, the attacker must gain as much intelligence about the target as possible.

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Facebook's New “Transition” Tool and Privacy

December 11, 2009 Added by:Todd Zebert

12/9/09 Facebook launched “new privacy settings and tools to give you greater control over the information you share on Facebook”. For many users this may be their first exposure to Facebook privacy settings, and while it’s better than nothing, it can be improved greatly.

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User Education - A Light Hearted Anicdote

December 11, 2009 Added by:John England

I had just been reading the post on Reacting to Security Vulnerabilities, and was reading the good usage guide at the bottom, and it made me think of something and chuckle. My partner has a 17 year old daugher, who is typical in running MSN/facebook, torrent clients, and generally no consideration for the type of sites she c...

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Facebook Application and Content Creation Privacy

December 04, 2009 Added by:Todd Zebert

While Take Control of your Facebook Security & Privacy Settings (part 1 of this series) provided an overview of Application Privacy, this is a deeper dive and explains how Built-in Apps control some basic functions and default security of Facebook. This is the third in a series, the previous being Facebook Privacy using Friend Lists.

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Facebook Privacy using Friend Lists

December 04, 2009 Added by:Todd Zebert

While Facebook’s Privacy settings are a powerful method of controlling who sees what kind of information about you, unless you create and maintain Friend Lists, you are effectively limited to all Friends seeing everything.

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My Mind is Wave-ering on the Utility, Security and Privacy Aspects

October 14, 2009 Added by:Sudha Nagaraj

Like many other Wave-wannabes, I am also awaiting an invite from Google to try out their all-in-one communication solution Google Wave. But I have my trepidations: over making my private work public, over opening up for comment work that is still being worked out, over messing up “my thoughts” with a thousand other theories, over starting something with the full knowledge that it could...

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