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An Anatomy of US Cyber Command

April 10, 2012 Added by:Dan Dieterle

When you think of USCYBERCOM, the Air Force comes to mind immediately. Since the beginning, the Air Force has been a driving force behind US Cyber War. But there is another group that is more responsible for the creation of USCYBERCOM and actually forms the Command’s backbone...

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US Strategic Command on Defending Cyberspace

February 07, 2012 Added by:Headlines

DoD networks and personnel are being tested to the very limits of their ability to deflect assault. Attackers all over the world are utilizing every conceivable method to gain access to our critical systems and introduce malicious code to exploit or destroy our assets...

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Report: DOD in the Midst of a Global Cyberspace Crisis

July 27, 2011 Added by:Headlines

According to the U.S. Strategic Command, the DOD is in the midst of a global cyberspace crisis as foreign nation states and other actors, such as hackers, criminals, terrorists, and activists exploit DOD and other U.S. government computer networks to further a variety of ideological objectives...

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